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Rep-Cal Diamond

Rep-Cal Research Labs

" The World Leader in Reptile Nutrition "

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United States
United States

Veterinarian Formulated and Tested

Premium Foods
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Adult Iguana Food
Juvenile Iguana Food
Adult Bearded Dragon Food
Juvenile Bearded Dragon Food
Aquatic Turtle Food
Box Turtle Food
Tortoise Food
Cricket Food

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Herptivite Multivitamin
Original Calcium with Vit D3
Ultrafine Calcium with Vit D3
Calcium without Vit D3

Herptivite MultivitaminCalcium w/ Vit D3 (original)Calcium w/ Vit D3 (ultrafine)Calcium


Rep-Cal®  Research Labs     P.O. Box 727  Los Gatos, CA  95031    
1-800-406-6446     Fax 408-356-3687

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